Therapy rooms

Providing a highly calming environment, a custom built therapy room allows therapists to interact with their clients in an appropriately confidential setting. In addition to providing a calm space, bespoke therapy rooms also allow professionals to welcome their clients to a discreet location.

At Multi Space, we’re sensitive to the needs of such professionals and welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with them to design and build spaces that are highly conducive to this activity.

When it comes to considering whether a bespoke therapy room is the right choice for you, it’s important to consider the following:

Home therapy rooms creating a more comfortable environment:

Unlike pre-built and pre-furnished offices, a bespoke therapy room can be built and styled to produce exactly the kind of setting that therapists need to get the best results from their sessions.

Home therapy rooms remove the need for a commute:

Just like the home studios, dance studios, and luxury garden rooms we create at Multi Space, a bespoke therapy room affords therapists the chance to get to work without a lengthy commute. Besides the obvious advantages of this benefit, the ability to work from home also frees up more time for therapists to see more clients.

Home therapy rooms remove office overheads:

Unlike a traditional office space, a home therapy room doesn’t require rent each month. And just like a custom home gym, will eventually become cheaper in the long run and provide a healthy return on the initial investment.

Home therapy rooms can be built to your exact specifications:

Like all bespoke spaces from Multi Space, a custom therapy room can be built to meet the unique requirements of the therapist who plans to use it. From small to large layouts, our team can create spaces that meet all styling choices and budgets.

Altogether, a home therapy room provides flexibility for both therapists and clients, whilst at the same time creating an environment that is suitable for sessions. In many cases, a home therapy room can also bring people closer to nature as the space typically exists in gardens that have a healthy amount of green space around them.

To find out more about the options available for a therapy room from Multi Space, feel free to get in touch with our team today. No matter how far along you are with your plans, we’re here to help you get your project moving.

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