Sustainable Garden Offices

Responding to the growing interest in sustainable solutions, Multi Space has dedicated time to understand the best way of designing and building sustainable garden rooms. Altogether, our research has led us to offer our clients future-proofed and efficient garden rooms that are seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Building on the concept of sustainable garden rooms from the ground up, our team has identified the most efficient way of planning and building spaces in a way that reduces the disruption to the surrounding environment. This allows our clients to work from home, create, and enjoy custom built spaces that have been sustainably designed, manufactured, and installed.

Ensuring that small businesses and homeworkers can “go green” in much the same way as big businesses do, Multi Space provides sustainable garden solutions that can be scaled up from compact offices to larger scale studios. No matter whether you’re an artist, dance instructor, designer, musician, or simply someone looking to create a workspace that doesn’t come with a lengthy commute, Multi Space allows you to design a space that is as eco-friendly as it is bespoke.

Our team at Multi Space also takes care to only ever source high quality materials that can be depended on for their resilience and longevity. From superior cladding solutions to a high standard of flooring and panelling options, our bespoke spaces are highly unique and built to last. This is perhaps the most significant way that we ensure our projects are sustainable as it means that our clients do not need to think about replacing their garden office once it has been installed.

It should also be pointed out that our team works hard to use recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible. This approach to building custom garden offices ensures that Multi Space is able to take care of the planet as well as clients. There is also no compromise in quality when taking this approach to building as the recyclable materials we use at Multi Space are tried and tested for their durability.

Ultimately, by making it easy for our clients to create remarkable garden rooms that do not require regular upgrades, Multi Space provides a long term and superior solution that is firmly rooted in the concept of sustainability.

Another notable feature of our sustainable garden rooms is the heat-conserving properties that make it efficient to keep warm in winter. From double-glazed windows to quality carpeting, insulation in the floors and ceilings, the fundamental design of our garden offices significantly reduces the need for owners to spend on utilities to keep warm.

Wherever there is a need for additional warmth, our team will source the most sustainable solution available to ensure that it is delivered in the most efficient way possible. Previously, we have accomplished this by identifying and acquiring high performance panel heaters and electric radiators which match the style and feel of the build. By doing this, our clients are able to enjoy outstanding comfort without having to spend a substantial amount on utilities.

As well as protecting users against the elements in winter, our garden offices can be fitted with large doors, ceilings, and skylights to ensure that they never get stuffy in summer. These features also reduce the need for artificial lighting as they allow the sun to spill in and provide plenty of natural light. Of course, where there is the need for users to have access to enhanced lighting, our team is well-experienced in sourcing spotlights and other solutions which meet our requirements for sustainable materials. This allows our clients to efficiently power their garden office without having to make any compromises on the look and feel of their custom space.

By combining sustainable materials with carefully considered design and installation techniques, Multi Space is able to build garden offices, home studios, dance studios, and even self-catering accommodation pods that provide their owners with the assurance that they’re being kind to the environment – we’re also well-prepared to do the same for just about any other kind of outdoor garden space that you’ve got in mind.

Sustainable garden rooms are of course more important than ever as professionals are increasingly transitioning to working remotely and entrepreneurs are seeking to build rather than rent their own office spaces. Homeowners are also making greater efforts to optimize their outdoor spaces to make them even better for entertaining and relaxing in. This shift in demand is accompanied with a greater emphasis on sustainable solutions, so it’s absolutely vital that clients are able to meet the demands of a changing lifestyle which includes a careful consideration for the environment.

Multi Space makes this not only possible, but easy and enjoyable. By providing a solution that is both sustainable and versatile, we are able to offer highly bespoke designs that are kind to the environments they live in. This empowers our clients to get creative as they work with our team to produce exactly the kind of spaces they require.

Altogether, Multi Space is committed to creating sustainable garden rooms which are fit for the future. By carefully considering the climate-related implications of our design and build processes, we are proud to present our clients with spaces that benefit rather than negatively impact the environment.

As part of our core philosophy, Multi Space is committed to constantly evolving processes to make them as sustainable as possible. To find out more about our current options when it comes to bespoke and sustainable garden offices, be sure to get in touch with our team today. What’s more, if you would like to see our climate credentials for yourself, be sure to make an appointment to visit our Design Centre in Woodbridge. Built using all of the principles described in this article, our Design Centre serves as a proof of concept and demonstrates the range of quality materials and craftsmanship we employ to ensure that all our bespoke spaces are kind to the environment.

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you and find out more about the space you’re looking to create.

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