Shared Community Spaces

Just like private home garden offices and other custom outdoor rooms, shared community spaces can be vastly improved when built to a bespoke brief. Whether it’s a social environment, changing room, or just about any other shared space you can think of, our team is on hand to provide creative and efficient solutions to ensure that everyone can get together somewhere that is as comfortable as it is functional.

Unlike traditional builds, the shared community spaces we create at Multi Space are entirely unique. From design through to build, our team will take the time to understand your requirements and create something that allows you to enjoy a space that serves various purposes.

Increasingly popular in the work from home era, many shared community spaces now consist of working spaces that allow many different businesses to operate beneath one roof. Often furnished with communal kitchens and bathrooms, these shared community spaces provide the perfect solution for remote workers to work in a professional environment in the absence of a home office of their own.

The benefits of a shared community space are extensive. Perhaps the most significant benefit, however, is the way that community spaces bring people together for both recreational and professional purposes. With the world seemingly becoming more and more digital, it’s hard to overstate the benefits of people coming together to share their ideas and expertise.

Other benefits of a community space include:

They support local economies by bringing more foot traffic to shops, restaurants, and other businesses

The promote the use of public transport when situated in areas that can be easily accessed by rail or road

They provide a sustainable alternative to the building of multiple spaces.

Ultimately, shared community spaces serve as important hubs and rightly deserve to be well-thought out when it comes to their design and build.

This is where Multi Space comes in.

By applying the same approach we take to sustainable garden offices, glamping pods, and various other bespoke spaces, it is possible to produce finely styled community spaces that are built using high quality and long lasting materials.

A World of Possibilities.


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