Self-catering Accommodation Pods

In addition to garden rooms, home offices, dance and art studios, Multi Space also offers bespoke self-catering accommodation pods. Inspired by glamping accommodations, self-catering pods allow guests to enjoy the outdoors in complete comfort.

No doubt the best kind of accommodation to settle into when taking a British staycation, a pod can be finely customized to create exactly the kind of look and feel that is needed.

Swapping tent pegs for warm environments and high-quality finishes, our pods allow users to enjoy the outdoors before returning to somewhere that provides outstanding comfort.

This is a particularly inviting option to have when entertaining guests at your home. It means that there is no need for anyone to disappear to a hotel or accommodation at the end of the night, and they can instead stick around and retire at their own leisure.

Built using super high-quality and sustainable materials, the pods we build are carefully designed to balance style and function whilst at the same time being fit for the future.

The pods we build at Multi Space can be styled to fit in with the property on the land they’re being added to or have a completely unique look. This bespoke approach allows our clients to create the ideal pod in their desired style rather than simply installing one which is functional but lacks any form of character.

Whether you’re committed to building a self-catering accommodation pod or are just looking into the idea, answers to the following frequently asked questions will provide you with everything you need to know to move forward.

What is a pod accommodation?

A pod is really just a cosier word for “A garden room that can be used for guests to sleep and relax in” – obviously, the word ‘pod’ is more much convenient than repeating the full description each time you want to refer to it!

Furnished with beds as well as tables and chairs, accommodation pods make for a fantastic alternative to camping and can bring a touch of luxury to a night spent outdoors.

The self-catering accommodation pods we build at Multi Space are designed around users, which means that they are highly functional as well as finished in a style that suits the owner.

No matter what size you’re working with, or what kind of look and feel you’re aiming for, our team has you covered.

How big are accommodation pods?

Whilst no one ever likes hearing the answer “how long is a piece of string?”, admittedly in this case it is the best answer.

To be more specific, an accommodation pod can be as compact or as spacious as you like. The only constraints are the space available to build it on and the style that you have in mind.

At Multi Space, we’re on hand to provide the best solution for pods of all shapes and sizes.

Are accommodation pods warm?

When you work with Multi Space to create an accommodation pod, you can count on it never getting cold.

We make sure that we deliver on this promise by properly insulating pods like all our builds and fitting them with efficient heating devices where necessary. This allows users to keep warm in the evenings after they’ve spent the day enjoying the British weather .

By taking as much care as possible over cladding, insulation layers, vapor control membranes, heating panels, ventilation, windows and doors, there’s no danger that anyone will be left feeling chilly in the winter or stuffy in the summer.

Altogether, this means that owners of a pod built by Multi Space are able to enjoy their custom build no matter what time of the year they want to use it – whilst staycations might be at their most popular in summer, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get cozy in the winter!

Do accommodation pods have electricity?

Of course!

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor accommodation, self-catering pods can be easily connected to a home’s power source to provide users with electricity.

The benefits of this are clearly quite significant. Namely, it means that guests are able to enjoy powerful lighting, fully functional kitchens as well as electronic devices when there’s a need to be entertained.

Effectively, access to electricity makes pods a home away from home and totally removes all of the inconveniences that come with staying in a tent.

Providing electricity to an accommodation pod also means that the inevitable need to charge a phone is also taken care of!

How long do self-catering accommodation pods last?

At Multi Space, we’re big believers in sustainability. Committed to building all manner of outdoor buildings that are designed to last, we use resilient materials and, where possible, recyclable elements.

What this means is that our pods possess a longevity that allows owners to get many years of use out of them.

To find out more about the preventative measures you can take as well as the maintenance you can perform to future-proof, simply get in touch with our team today. They’ll be more than happy to explain everything and answer any questions you may have regarding the durability of our pods.

How much does a self-catering accommodation pod cost?

Like all bespoke builds, it isn’t possible to give a straightforward answer to the question of how much it costs to build a self-catering accommodation pod.

Wholly determined by your specification, the price of your pod will depend on its size, features and the materials you choose to construct it from.

At Multi Space, we have the expertise necessary to provide you with all of the advice and guidance you need to bring your ideal accommodation pod to life.

No matter how far along you are in the process, our team will be more than happy to have an informal conversation over the phone or email to find out more about your requirements.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment to visit us at our Design Centre in Woodbridge. Here, you can get a good idea of the Multi Space difference. From the materials through to the design, you’ll be able to see for yourself the kind of quality our team brings to every project they take on.

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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