Recording Studios

The dream of just about any budding or established music producer, a bespoke home recording studio provides music lovers with the space to create that is entirely removed from the restrictions of scheduling. Considerations surrounding ambience and acoustic, however, make building a recording studio an art of its own. At Multi Space, we’re here to make sure you get the balance just right when building your own bespoke recording studio.

A subject that prompts a variety of discussions, there are many popular questions regarding home recording studios that we’ve taken the time to answer.

How much does a home recording studio cost?

Much like a home studio, glamping pod, or therapy room, the cost of a custom home recording studio will be determined by your requirements. A smaller studio designed for a solo artist, for example, is likely to cost a lot less than a home recording studio for a band or larger musical group.

Similarly, the kind of audio equipment you plan to integrate into the space will influence how expensive your home recording studio will be. Whether you’re looking to create something basic or something far more sophisticated, be sure to get in touch with our team to get a better idea of overall cost.

You should also be mindful that most home recording studios will require soundproofing to avoid any potential disagreements with neighbours. As an extra material, this will have implications for the overall cost of the project and must be factored in when deciding what kind of budget you plan to work with.

How do I build a home recording studio?

Like many functional spaces, it is possible to create a home recording studio in an existing room or space. However, to create a recording studio capable of producing outstanding results, it is essential to start from the beginning to achieve the kind of acoustics necessary for capturing great recordings.

This is a challenge that our team will be more than happy to help you overcome. By providing you with a range of options and suggestions, we can assure that you receive a recording studio that looks and performs in the way you require it to.

Ultimately, Multi Space provides powerful solutions for anyone interested in building a bespoke home recording studio. To find out how we can help to bring yours to life, simply give us a call or drop by our Design Centre to pay us a visit.

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