Garden Office, Woodbridge

A term that has been trending recently is the ‘shoffice’, this combines the functionality of a ‘shed’ for those garden items you would commonly store in a shed, as well as a functioning office – which is what this project was initially designed as.

Once the project was underway our clients decided they wanted to utilise all of the space as an office. They chose to upgrade to a long vertical panel window instead of the hidden cladded door and repurpose what would have been the storage area to use as the rest of the office.

The roof includes sedum, which is locally sourced sedum, adding to the local eco system as well as other benefits sedum roofs provide such as improved energy efficiency and increased air quality.

This project is well under way now, we loved creating this design alongside our client and can’t wait till we can show off the finished space.

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  • Larch cladding
  • Anthracite aluminium bifold door
  • Sedum roof
  • Roof light
  • Hidden cladded door
  • Spot lights




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