Pool Houses

Providing a home for changing facilities and conveniently doubling up as a summerhouse, a bespoke pool house furnishes owners with everything they need to optimise the enjoyment of their pool. Offering ample space for storage and forging a seamless connection with the pool itself, our bespoke pool houses can be styled to meet any and all requirements.

Like all bespoke spaces, it is vitally important to consider the functionality of your pool house as well as the way you would like it to look. Specifically, the implications your design will have on things like air handling and heating are crucial to keep in mind when in the design phase.

As experienced designers and builders, our team at Multi Space will be more than happy to ensure that your pool house capably eliminates condensation, is highly comfortable, and is built to last.

A fantastic addition to any property with a pool, a bespoke pool house provides a dry and inviting space for swimmers to enjoy some shade and refreshment between their laps. At Multi Space, we know that pool houses also need to be finely crafted to form a connection with the surrounding outdoor space, and it is for this reason that we only ever use the highest quality materials.

What’s more, our expert craftsmanship will ensure that every aspect of your pool house is finished to an impressive standard. This provides the promise that the feature will last a great many years and increase the overall usability of your pool.

Offering an all but endless list of options, the pool houses we produce at Multi Space can include amenities like bathrooms and kitchens to make the space as functional as possible. We can also integrate heating and air conditioning to your pool house to make it the perfect place to entertain guests after a swim.

As a bespoke build, the overall cost of a pool house from Multi Space depends on your requirements. To get a rough estimate, simply give our team a call today or visit our Design Centre in Woodbridge for an informal, no-obligation conversation.

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