New website launch!

We’re very excited to announce… The launch of our brand new website!

We’ve been working hard creating our new website in addition to completing some new projects that we are very excited to share with you soon!
We hope that you will find our new website more user friendly, interesting and altogether more informative.

For those of you who are new here, we are Multi Space. We create beautifully bespoke custom-made spaces that combine creativity with functionality.

“Why?” I hear you ask? With over 50 combined years’ experience in the industry and with the rising rates of home working, we know that now more than ever there is a niche for garden rooms and for bespoke garden office builds. In other words, it’s not just any old garden shed that will do when it comes to creating a truly functional and unique home office. This is why Multi Space is committed to creating beautifully designed, purpose built, spaces for work or leisure whilst enjoying truly beautiful surroundings.
It’s not just offices we do, either. We also have the capabilities to build studios and games rooms, pool-houses and annexes. Ultimately, should you need a multi-purpose space, we can help you design something that works for you and meets your requirements. The possibilities are literally endless, with our innovative design and our team will work to design and create something that really is a Multi Space.

Where are we? Our office and Design Centre is based just outside Woodbridge, Suffolk, where we welcome clients through our doors at Base Business Park to discuss upcoming projects, show some of the incredible materials and finishes that can be used and share images of previous projects we have completed. As the name suggests, our Design Centre is where the magic happens and is where we’ll develop ideas and get creative to ensure that you have the perfect garden office, annex, pool-house or any other space that you require.

When can I get in touch? We welcome you to contact us by phone or email at your leisure. After you have made contact, one of our dedicated team will reach out to you as soon as possible and make arrangements to discuss your needs further. We look forward to discovering the space you have in mind, and working with you to bring it into reality.


New website launch!

July 8, 2021

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A World of Possibilities.


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