Home gyms

Totally removing all of the hassle that comes with visiting a public gym, custom built home gyms remove wait times, small talk and the sound of other people’s favourite music. They also remove the need for a commute or subscription. Fast becoming a popular use for a bespoke garden room, a home gym allows you to workout on your terms and design a space that is suited to your preferences.

At Multi Space, we’re proud to provide customers with all of the expertise they need to create a remarkable home gym. From our design capabilities through to our specialist craftsmanship, we provide guidance and a seamless experience that allows customers to get everything they need in one place.

How much does it cost to build a home gym?

Like all bespoke spaces, the cost of a home gym entirely depends on the size and specification you have in mind. Typically, a larger home gym will cost more money than something that is slightly more compact. Of course, the question of the equipment you plan to furnish the space with is also worth keeping in mind.

Is it cheaper to make your own gym?

Whilst the initial cost of creating a home gym may seem extravagant when compared to the cost of a gym subscription, studies have revealed how the average home gym will end up being cheaper in less than three years. It should be pointed out, however, that there are many variables to consider how much cheaper a custom home gym is in the long run. For example, you may wish to consider how much you stand to save from not driving to the gym, how little you’ll spend on the space once you have all of your equipment installed, and the large amount of time you’ll stand to save by having a more convenient workout solution.

Ultimately, a home gym provides you with all of the privacy and flexibility you need to workout on your terms and allows you to enjoy the kind of convenience that simply isn’t possible with a traditional gym membership. All of the smaller frustrations surrounding the lack of available equipment and small talk are also helpfully removed!

To ensure that your custom home gym is built to match your preferences, our designers will take the time to truly understand what kind of styling and arrangements are best for you. Experts in administration as well as designing and building, our team will make sure that any planning permission required for your home gym is obtained ahead of construction. To find out whether you will need to apply for planning permission for your home gym, be sure to read our article on planning permission, or give a member of our team a call today.

To find out more about how Multi Space can help bring your home gym to life, simply get in touch today. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or are only beginning to think about adding a home gym to your property, our team will be happy to help answer your questions and get things moving forward.

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