Flexible Working Spaces

When it comes to bespoke garden offices, one of the greatest advantages is having everything your own way. What this means, of course, is that you are not limited to creating an environment out of existing models and can instead produce something that precisely serves your unique purposes. If you’re thinking of building a flexible working space, this advantage is particularly exciting.

What is a flexible working space?

Put simply, a flexible workspace is an office space that is shared by two or more people. In recent years, Wework has somewhat forged a path for this model, making it easier than ever for startups and smaller organisations to enjoy all of the benefits of a large corporate space. Typically, flexible working spaces are styled with modern furnishings and fixtures, with large amounts of glass and an impressive suite of amenities making the environment a great place to get to work. When designing your own flexible working space, you should be sure to explore layouts and designs that will best accommodate various workers in one place.

What is the advantage of a flexible working space?

Flexible working spaces have grown in popularity in the wake of the pandemic, with many businesses choosing to rent space at a flexible working space rather than purchasing or building their own location. Among the many benefits of a flexible working space, the following three are perhaps the most significant:

They make being at work far more enjoyable

Thanks to their modern furnishings and contemporary surroundings, flexible working spaces are far superior to the stuffy cubicle farms of yesteryear. What’s more, flexible working spaces often boast kitchen facilities and other comforts that bring a distinctly social element to the work day.  Naturally, this means that being at work becomes a far more attractive proposition, bringing productivity to an all time high.

They provide the ultimate solution for any business

Unobstructed by all of the barriers of the traditional office, a flexible working space allows businesses to access exactly the kind of setting they require. A design agency, for example, will undoubtedly find the opportunity to assign hot desks to their staff to be an appropriate solution when establishing a working environment for them to get to work in. Similarly, organisations that work remotely but occasionally require a meeting area will find a flexible working space to provide them with everything they need.

They make networking a whole lot easier

Whilst an awful lot of our activities have moved online, there can be no denying that forming new connections and networks is best done in-person. With flexible working spaces creating the perfect environment for these relationships to emerge, many professionals will likely feel compelled to choose a space like this over a more traditional alternative.

How do you create a flexible working space?

Whilst we might be a little biased, we’re also very confident that our team at Multi Space are the best-positioned to help you create a successful and popular flexible working space. No matter how big your ambition or stylistic preferences, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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