Bespoke Garden Offices

Allowing you to unlock your productivity and work in an environment that meets your specific requirements, a bespoke garden office totally transforms the experience of working from home. Whilst a fully-equipped home office might be capable of providing you with everything you need to get your work done, there can be no doubt that a bespoke garden office provides a greater and more literal separation between home and work.

The additional benefits of a bespoke garden office include:

Absolutely no commuting. As well as saving you time, this benefit means that you can justify investing in the design and build of a garden office.

Total customisation. With the opportunity to create a space that meets your demands, you can fit your garden office with all of the features and furnishings you need to get the job done.

Greater flexibility. When you have everything you need in the garden, it is possible to work to your own schedule.

A professional look and feel. A bespoke garden office means no more working from the kitchen table. Instead, you’ll have the kind of professional surroundings that were once the preserve of state of the art office spaces.

It’s sustainable. As the world turns towards greener solutions, a home office will mean that you are doing your bit without making any compromises on your home or work life.

It adds value to your property. When you introduce a professional and well-built bespoke garden office to your home, you’ll find that the overall value of your property increases.

It removes office politics. It may seem like a trivial point, but having the ability to work independently will mean that you can get on with the stuff that matters without wasting time on the stuff that doesn’t.

Whether you have a clear vision for your bespoke garden office or require a little help when it comes to the layout and overall styling, our team at Multi Space is on hand to provide you with everything you need to get your project off the ground.

If you’re wondering whether you need planning permission for a garden room, we’ve created a ‘Do I need planning permission for a garden room’ blog to tell you all you need to know. Without providing too many spoilers, the answer is that no, you don’t usually need planning permission for a garden room. Of course, we’d highly recommend that you read our article on garden rooms and planning permission to ensure that you don’t need to apply for any additional permission before proceeding with your project.

Ultimately, the best kind of garden office is a bespoke one. At Multi Space, we’ve developed a proven process for creating bespoke garden offices that meet the needs of the people using them. If you’d like to find out more about how our team can help you to create the ideal workspace, be sure to get in touch today. We’ll be delighted to help you style, design, and build a bespoke garden office that allows you to work efficiently and in outstanding comfort. To discover how we achieve this result, be sure to read our article on ‘How is a Multi Space installed.’


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